With CallSquad you only pay for the time agents are connected on calls which makes our service 100% transparent.


Most telemarketing companies charge a setup fee together with a minimum term commitment, whereas CallSquad is entirely pay-as-you-go with no setup costs.

Sales is a Contact Sport


As important as the quality of the call agent you work with is the number of call attempts they make to reach your prospects. The CallSquad Platform gets you in the zone more efficiently as the example here below shows:


As at Dec 2016: CallSquad’s clients averaged 1.35 outbound calls made per $1 spent


Agents Login to Efficiency


The Agent.Portal is where your chosen call agents login to make calls on your campaigns and connect with you to receive your feedback.


CallSquad’s telemarketing software selects which call is made next by taking into account the time of day and when the prospect was last dialled.


By automating the dialling process, your agent is able to make a high number of outbound calls that adhere to how you programmed your campaign.

Who makes calls all day?




It’s no wonder companies that ask their employees to make outbound calls all day, every day, often have high staff turnover rates.


One of the key reasons CallSquad is so effective is because the agents who work on the platform often do so for short intensive periods, typically 1-2 hours at a time.


The variety of projects they work on also helps keep them motivated and engaged from day to day.


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