How It Works

Work with one call agent or build a whole ‘Squad’ and when you’re ready simply create, manage and monitor your call campaign with full control and transparency.


Choose an Agent


Create a Campaign


Listen to Calls

Choose an Agent


Listen to a selection of pre-screened call agents and choose who you’d like to work with


You work directly with your chosen call agents so you can build a productive working relationship


With sales experience spanning a broad range of industry sectors, you’re sure to find the right agent


Create a Call Campaign


Upload your contact data as a spreadsheet or connect to your CRM to pull in contacts from there


Add a script. If you have different target audiences you can even have multiple campaigns running at the same time


Customize your campaign with settings such as maximum call attempts, hours of day calls should be made and more

Listen to Calls


Listen to call recordings to hear exactly what is being said. Your agent will also make a written note of any key insights


See your campaign progress at a glance by viewing the color-coded graphs on your dashboard


Export data from your campaigns for a full analysis of results and sync directly to your CRM or email platform

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Create a free account and listen to voice recordings of available call agents.



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