How It Works

With our easy adoption process, you’ll soon be scaling call campaigns and celebrating success with your team


Engage Team


Program Campaigns


Celebrate Success

Engage Team


With an engaged team you can move mountains and our simple adoption process ensures everyone’s onboard!


CallSquad’s smart software selects which call should be made next, so your team can concentrate on what matters


Your team portal is where the magic happens and success is shared and visible to all

Program Campaigns


Upload your contact data as a spreadsheet or connect your system to sync contacts with ease


If you have different target audiences you can have multiple campaigns running at the same time


Customize your campaign with settings such as maximum call attempts, hours of day calls should be made and more

Celebrate Success


Listen to call recordings and track campaign progress on real time dashboards


Shared goals lie at the heart of success and celebrating this journey along the way brings the fun


Sync call outcomes, data and recordings straight back into your systems for immediate visibility and recognition