How Blenheim Chalcot increased lead conversion by scaling their outbound calling

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Blenheim Chalcot

28,481 calls


Connected Calls Made

9,540 minutes


Connected Call Time (CCT)

152 leads


Qualified Interest Attained

“We’ve been really impressed with our results using CallSquad. The software is very user-friendly and we can quickly create and program our multiple campaigns to meet our requirements.”



About Blenheim Chalcot


Blenheim Chalcot is the UK’s leading venture builder with sales of over £300 million, over 3000 employees and a successful track record of over 40 companies.

The Challenge


The sales team at Blenheim Chalcot needed a cost-effective way to scale their outbound calling and reach out to their database of warm leads in a timely fashion. They also wanted to test out cold calling to generate leads from previously unexplored prospect areas.

The Solution


Blenheim Chalcot created a number of outbound call campaigns on CallSquad and quickly found that they were able to cover a lot of ground when it came to calling through their vast databases.


As they were able to tailor each campaign and reach their prospects more efficiently, they saw a marked increase in the number of contacts that converted into clients. The efficiency of the system allowed them to quickly cut through ineffective calls (such as No Answers and Wrong Numbers) so their sales team could easily reach the relevant prospects and focus solely on these interested parties.