Everything you need to improve customer experience and workforce productivity

Administrator / Setup

Access Control

Add and remove colleagues and give them different levels of access

User Management

Add and remove users and control how they make and receive calls

Zapier Integrations

Connect to any of your systems without using a line of code

Call Recording On/Off

Control which calls get recorded and review in real-time


Pay monthly for what you use with no long term commitment

Call Analytics

See how your team are performing with instant analysis

Outbound Dialer


Create campaigns to organise activity and run simultaneously or one at a time

Voice Drop

Save time by recording a message to drop when you get a voicemail

Do Not Call Screening

Eliminate the contacts that are on
do not call registers

Soft Phone or Ring-Out

Makes calls via your browser, on your desk phone or cell


Capture specific form fields required meet company requirements

Leaderboard & Activity Feed

Callers see how they compare to their colleagues on any time period

Schedule Call Backs

Set call backs and the system will reschedule them to the call queue

Time Zones

The system figures out when people need to be called with you having to

Call Sequencing

Complex call queues are made light work of by CallSquad routing technologies

Inbound Calls (beta)

Hold Music

Choose hold music for your clients or better still, let them choose

Voicemail by Email

Tell the system to send you a message with a transcript of a message you received

Ring Groups

Choose which people should be made available to receive certain calls

Custom Voicemail

Record your own voicemail message or choose a voice to say your message

Call Routing

Direct calls based on a customer's requirement and the skills of team

Call Transfers

Transfer calls internally between departments or directly to colleagues

Working Hours

Set the times you want to be available to receive or make calls

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Queues with no limits allow you to scale with confidence

Call Forwarding

Forward to a personal phone or within your organisation when you're unavailable