How outbound calling helped LuckyBolt grow their business and fill stomachs across Denver!

1,054 calls

Connected Calls

1,440 minutes

Connected Call Time (CCT)

55 leads

Qualified Interest Attained

“We’re really pleased with the extra business we’ve gained as a result of our call campaigns with CallSquad. We used the software to set appointments and, to date, we’ve gained 600 additional clients in the Denver area.”

About LuckyBolt

LuckyBolt is a mission-driven company focused on making it easy and affordable for folks to get great food while at work. It’s simpler than ever for anyone to order healthy and delicious meals to their place of work through LuckyBolt’s user-friendly platform.


The Challenge

LuckyBolt wanted to spread the word about their nutritious food delivery service to as many local organizations as possible in order to expand their business.

To do this, they compiled a database of organizations in the Denver, Colorado area. Their aim was to approach these businesses and offer the employees a free trial of their food delivery service.


The Solution

LuckyBolt tasked their team with the job of calling to introduce their concept to business owners, HR contacts and office managers within the organizations they were targeting and scheduling 10min telephone appointments with them.

Each appointment secured was of significant value because of its potential to yield hundreds of new clients at each individual site. LuckyBolt saw a healthy increase in new clients as a direct result of this call campaign which helped to drive in 10% of their 6,000 clients in the Denver area. One particular lead resulted in 450 new paying customers subscribing to their service. Another brought in 150 paying customers. LuckyBolt estimates that there is also further business in the pipeline from additional leads they are still in talks with.