Highgarden demonstrates how outbound calling helps to build teams

1,066 calls

Connected Calls

637 minutes

Connected Call Time (CCT)

50 leads

Qualified Interest Attained

“It was really easy to get our account set up and begin our call campaign. The software is intuitive and a simple to use.”


Company Overview

Highgarden is a real estate agency with numerous offices operating across the United States. They are committed to providing an exceptional experience to those buying and selling real estate.


The Challenge

Highgarden takes pride in providing its clientele with exceptional service; helping them to buy or sell their homes as efficiently as possible and for the best attainable price. In order to maintain these standards, Highgarden only employs agents of the highest calibre. Whilst it was easy enough to identify the top-performing real estate agents they wanted to recruit, they were faced with the challenge of actually getting in touch with these individuals to set up appointments. Highgarden knew that it typically took several attempts to get through and they needed a service that would save them time and help them get through to these contacts efficiently.


The Solution

Highgarden compiled a database of high-ranking real estate agents as identified in Broker Metrics. Their aim was to approach these realtors to arrange an informal meeting to discuss the possibility of joining Highgarden. They were aware that the scheduling of these calls had to be handled carefully as the people they wanted to reach were often in meetings or viewings. They set up and programmed their campaign to run at the most optimal time.

The team at Highgarden were pleased to get an almost immediate result as they secured two appointments within just 30 minutes of their campaign beginning. A few short weeks into the campaign and they were able to attain their first hire and further meetings with strong candidates still in the pipeline.

Highgarden found that using CallSquad to reach their prospects cost considerably less than they had experienced using other candidate approach methods. The success of this campaign has resulted in Highgarden HQ agreeing a monthly budget to be spent on call campaigns using the CallSquad software.